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Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

Webmasters Make $$$


 in association with distributors, vendors, producers and investors is looking for finished films, finished TV shows, finished animations, finished shorts, documentaries and entertainment related projects that are complete and ready to go to the public markets. More on looking for completed projects.

If you have a finished film with top talent, or pending its funding based on distribution and have funding or pending funding, then email us.  

All this is great news as we are now aligning with P & A investors for completed films.

What we can offer are associates for Marketing and Distribution Services for Motion Picture *  TV Shows * Animations * Documentaries  & Reality TV Shows

  • Domestic, Foreign, Worldwide
  • Research and Testing
  • Theatrical
        Specialty, Platform, Limited, Wide, Four-Wall
  • Television
        PPV, VOD, SVOD, Premium/Pay, Broadcast
        Networks, Basic Networks, Broadcast, Cable,
        DBS, C-Band, Low Band UHF, Leased Access,
        Public Access, Public Television
  • Home Video and DVD
         Sell-Through, Rentals
  • Internet
         Content Aggregators, Streaming, PPV
  • Ancillary
         Airlines, Lodging Industry, Armed Forces, Oil Rigs,
         Hospitals, Prisons, Educational Institutions,
         Libraries, Ships at Sea; Merchant Marines,
         Clubs and Associations
  • Merchandising
         Games, Music, Clothing, Toys
  • Other Media
         Books, Comics, Concerts, Sequels, Remakes,
         Spin Offs
  •  P & A funding
    We are aligned and always looking for new P and A funders
    for completed projects.
We are currently looking for top films that are either finished and need major distribution, and P and A funding. Or films that have A list film makers, actors and funding attached. If your actors are aligned, but are waiting your completion on your funding which hinges on distribution and P and A, then we should be able to get you a deal as well.

If you have a finished film with top talent, or pending its funding based on   
 distribution and have funding or pending funding, then email us.               

Also available on this site, the Hollywood Creative Directory - Distributors         


Hollywood Creative Directory - Distributors         
Hollywood Creative Directory’s Distributors 15th Edition is an invaluable resource for industry professionals, emerging filmmakers and film students seeking financing or distribution for film or TV projects. Knowing who to contact is the first step in setting up a production. This reliable and comprehensive directory makes film and TV distribution accessible to everyone. Now includes International Film buyers.


  • Over 800 companies
  • Over 5,000 names and titles
  • Film & TV Distributors
  • Sales Agents

Our Price: $59.95  GO THERE 


Movie Money:  Understanding Hollywood's (Creative) Accounting Practices
Movie Money: Understanding Hollywood's (Creative) Accounting Practices
Bill Daniels & David Leedy

Our Price: $19.95

(Ships in 24-48 Hours)
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For the entertainment professional who needs help translating contract language, distribution fees and the ins and outs of calculating net profits. Also contains tips and tricks for negotiating profit participation. (more information...)


Videos, DVDs, BlueRay, On Demand
Recommends the following DVD's
Books for success.

 And Videos to Movies on-demand. Videos

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The Insider's Guide to Independent Film Distribution
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Independent Film Distribution: How to Make a Successful End Run Around the Big Guys
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Swimming Upstream: A Lifesaving Guide to Short Film Distribution
Sharon Badal


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& Financing:
Business Plans

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The Insider's Guide to Film Finance
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