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(This is a sample agreement, fees/commission and key info will be worked out on a deal by deal basis)

This agreement is entered into by and between _________________ ( you). hereinafter referred to as “producer” and Agency, hereinafter referred to as “ (HD)”.

For and in consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, the Producer and HD do hereby covenant, contract and agree to as follows:

  1. AGENCY:  Subject to the terms of this agreement, Producer does hereby appoint HD as its producers representative/sales agent for the following purposes:

a)      To help sell Producer’s feature film, TV show, Animation or project. “” exclusively in the USA and exclusively in all other worldwide territories.  

  1. DUTIES:  The following shall perform the following duties in reference to this agreement:

a)      HD shall act to provide sales leads to the Producer, and may but is not obliged to participate in negotiations with all approvals coming through the client.  HD cannot act as legal representation but can act as advisor with no threat of suit from client.   

b)      Producer may handle and/or co-handle the actual sales and sales leads. Producer has the responsibility to consult an entertainment attorney if so they choose to amend or approve any sales/contracts with other parties.   All sales, offers or an communications must be handled with notification to HD.

  1. COMMISSION:  Producer shall pay unto HD for its services 5% to 15% on total sales from the licensee or the sale of the company that are generated by HD or its referrals and or associates.  All sales for “_______________________.” are bound to this commission from term listed below.
  1. EXPENSES:  Producer shall provide video reels or DVD (including trailers and screeners) to be sent from their local offices, or supply HD with reels.
  1. TERM:  This agreement shall be for a period of ___________ days from the date of __________________ signature.  Should any leads initiated by HD within the term close after agreement ends, _____________________ is still subject to the commissions and bound by the terms of this agreement for 12 months. If after the exclusion expiration ends and HD generates other interest for _____________, then the percentage will remain the same as above, but will not be the exclusive agent. 
  1. RENEWAL:  This agreement of exclusivity is for ________ months and shall be renewed by addendum only in writing and signed by both parties.
  1. MODIFICATION:  This agreement shall not be modified except by amendment reduced to writing and signed by both Producer and HD.
  1. ENTIRE AGREEMENT:  This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto and replaces and supersedes all prior agreements.
  1. GOVERNING LAW:  This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, United States of America.
  1. PARTIAL INVALIDITY:  In the event any provision hereof shall be for any reason illegal or unenforceable, the same shall not affect the validity of enforceability of the remaining provisions.
  1. ArbitrationAny dispute under this Agreement will be resolved by final and binding arbitration under the Rules For International Arbitration of Broadcasting & Cable association or a qualified association in effect when the arbitration is filed (“Broadcasting & Cable  Rules"). Each Party waives any right to adjudicate any dispute in any other court or forum, except that a Party may seek interim relief before the start of arbitration as allowed by the Broadcasting & Cable association Rules. The arbitration will be held in Los Angeles, CA. The Parties will abide by any decision in the arbitration and any court having jurisdiction may enforce it. The Parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Forum to compel arbitration or to confirm an arbitration award. The Parties agree to accept service of process in accordance with the Broadcasting & Cable association Rules.
  1.  FURTHER DOCUMENTATION:  The parties further agree that if any other provisions or agreements are necessary to enforce the intent of this document, that both parties will execute same upon request.

This agreement entered into this the ___ day of _____________ 2012.



_________________________ (you)









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